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The Ikenobo UK & Ireland Group provides people in the world with  ikebana learning experience such as workshop, demonstrations and lessons.

We are an officially recognised group of Ikebana learners by the Ikebana HQ in Japan (the oldest Ikebana school in Japan and possibly the oldest floral art school in the world). Acknowledged by the Japanese Embassies in the UK and Ireland, the group is led by Professor Tomoko Sempo Yanagi. Tomoko started teaching Ikebana in London from 2001 after more than a decade of practicing the art in her home country of Japan.

Tomoko Sempo Yanagi,
Professor of Ikenobo Ikebana,
Chairperson of Ikenobo UK and Ireland.

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Brief Intro of Ikebana History

Credit: FeverPR for Flower Council Holland

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