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Our causes

“ Since 2001 Ikenobo UK and Ireland has been committed to supporting to communities where we work and live and in places more distant, enhancing our wellbeing and promoting multi-cultural and diverse living environments.


We hope our ideas and activities can give benefits to people with a wide variety of backgrounds and in different age groups. 


We particularly value people’s wellbeing. We deliver not only Ikebana demonstration and workshop but also talk events to enhance your creativity and /or gain understanding of Japanese ethics and history. 


Some examples of organisations we worked with are in the past events page. 


We also supported chosen charities which support people in need such as British Red Cross, Japanese Red Cross, Save the Children, Action Village India, NSPCC, Childhood Cancer Foundation in Japan and so on. “


The mindfulness and meditative benefits of the art of Ikenobo

Example of the events we delivered to enhance people’s wellbeing are the KonMari demonstration and workshop, and our workshop for the Flower Council of Holland.

FCH also believe that Ikebana enhance your wellbeing. Click here to learn more. 

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