Group / Corporate

Harmony as one of Ikebana’s key words, we support team building and group activities. Using both the right and left parts of your brain, Ikebana creation is a great exercise of the mind for both men and women at any age. Online workshops can be also arranged. Please contact us.


Ikebana Team Building & Creative Workshops 

KonMari Consultants -  Ikebana Team Building & Creative Workshop in London

We delivered a workshop to KonMari consultants gathered from all around the world. KonMari said that “they help more people live a life that sparks joy”, a motto that is similar to ours.


Wellbeing by Ikebana 

Workshop for Flower Council Holland

At the Japan House in Kensington London in Jan and Feb 2020. This is to give enjoyment to handle fresh flowers and plants to create Ikebana arrangements as part of their wellbeing enhancement exercise

Special Occasions

Ikebana for any of your special occasions such as an alumni reception, multi-cultural gathering, pre / post weddings etc. Photos are from the Reception for High Commissioner of the Bahamas 2014 at the Caledonian Club where we provided an Ikebana display and a talk.


Creation of Ikebana Displays/Bouquets

We created Ikebana inspired bouquets or displays. Here is an example for the Anglo-Japan rock’n roller Mr Hotei and one for the annual Sales People Award ceremony for the global travel agent Travelport.


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